Student Travel Insurance – Studying the world

If you are planning a holiday abroad during your next break from study, a gap year away, or if you are travelling for further study, our student travel insurance is one of the essential items you should be taking with you. Our flexible and tailored policies reflect you and your individual needs, not what somebody else thinks you need.

You may feel that travel insurance is an unnecessary expense when you set off to explore the world, but replacing all of your belongings or needing to seek urgent medical care could mean the end to your trip if you don't have the right protection in place. Students travelling abroad have a unique set of needs and we are confident that our travel insurance for students will give you the cover and peace of mind you are after, without taking too much of your precious holiday savings to pay for it.

Go Insurance is a specialist travel insurance provider offering unrivalled protection for young Australians while they are away from home. We have a great record of service and have a wide range of specialised products that make your travel insurance experience straight forward and reliable. If you are travelling for a semester or a week, for research or relaxation, we are confident that our personalised policies are the perfect solution for students.

Life as a student is one of adventure, exploration and broadening the mind. Travelling the world to further your studies, or to see what's out there? Go Insurance is able to offer affordable student travel insurance that covers you for the most important issues.

Our flexible student travel insurance policies allow you to choose exactly what you are covered for, to suit your needs and most importantly, your student budget.

Our unique tailor made policies mean that you can select the covers you really need without having to pay for the ones you don't. Backpacking through the Amazon in between semesters with no valuable personal belongings? You can choose to buy a policy without the Personal Property section to keep your budget low. Our basic student travel insurance policies provide cover for emergency overseas medical expenses in the event of an unfortunate event taking place.

Who is Student Travel Insurance for?

Student Travel Insurance has been specifically designed to meet the needs of students when they are travelling abroad. Your study may be what is taking your overseas, or you may be taking a well-earned break during the holidays, but either way our policy has been designed with your needs (and budget!) in mind.

What does Student Travel Insurance cover?

Our Student Travel Insurance has been specifically designed to cover a wide range of eventualities and can be tailored for any destination and time frame of travel. Tell us about your plans, think about the level of cover that you will need, and we will take it from there.

Opportunities Await You!

Whether you're volunteering in Africa or continuing studies in Europe, student travel is an experience not to be missed! With our cover for Cancellation and Curtailment gives you peace of mind that should you have to miss it, we have you covered. Your college equipment such as laptops with our Personal Property section. So don't delay, experience the world today!

Your options for coverage include:

  • Medical: opt for basic cover for emergencies or a comprehensive medical package that will protect you for any eventuality
  • Flight, transfers or accommodation cancellations: even the best laid plans can come unstuck, due to reasons completely out of your control, and our coverage ensures that if your trip is affected by cancellations, you will not be out of pocket
  • Personal liability: different legal systems and situations around the world mean that personal liability insurance is an important feature of our student travel insurance policy - you shouldn't leave home without it
  • Baggage damage, theft or loss: we can include protection for damaged, stolen or lost bags in your policy.

Interested? Want a quote?

At Go Insurance, we believe that travelling should be care-free, especially when students set off on their adventures. The student travel insurance policies give that piece of mind and allow you to select exactly what you want to be covered for.

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