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Are you gearing up for your inaugural ski vacation or are you a seasoned snow bunny with a penchant for holidaying on the slopes? Whether you're a novice planning your first snow-filled getaway or an experienced snowboarder, Go Insurance has your back.

Engage in Snowsports with confidence, but be aware of the potential hazards. It's crucial to ensure you have the right coverage in place, just in case the unexpected happens!

If your Snowsports activities involve ice skating, tobogganing, or curling, our standard policy has you covered. However, if your plans include skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor Snowsport activities, it's imperative to choose the Snow extension for comprehensive coverage.

Activating the Snow extension is essential to safeguard yourself against unexpected medical expenses resulting from injuries on the slopes. Keep in mind, without the Snow extension, there's no coverage for accidental injuries sustained on the snowfields.

By adding the Snow extension, you not only ensure coverage for medical evacuation, injury treatment, and repatriation but also gain several other benefits. These include protection for your Snow Sport Equipment against loss, theft, or damage, emergency equipment hire, reimbursement for lost ski passes and lessons, and compensation for piste closure and avalanches.

While adding Snowsport coverage might increase your premium, Go Insurance believes in flexibility. Customise your policy based on your travel destination and duration. If you're headed to European, Japanese, Canadian, or American snowfields, tailor your coverage by selecting specific dates for Snowsport protection. This allows you to make the most of an affordable premium tailored to your needs.




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So, what’s covered under our Snow Sports extension?

  • Medical Expenses: Coverage for injuries sustained during Snowsports, limited to on-piste activities. Contact us to discuss off-piste requirements.
  • Snow Sports Equipment: Compensation for loss, theft, or breakage of owned or hired snow sports equipment.
  • Snow Sports Equipment Hire: Coverage for costs incurred to hire replacement equipment due to damage or loss during transit.
  • Ski Passes and Lessons: Reimbursement for lost or stolen ski passes or lesson vouchers.
  • Piste Closure / Avalanche: Monetary compensation for each 24-hour period of skiing/snowboarding unavailability and additional expenses for alternative resort arrangements due to piste closure or avalanches.


Go Insurance offers comprehensive Snowsport coverage to ensure your winter adventures are both safe and enjoyable. Whether you're a first-time skier or a seasoned snow enthusiast, our Snow extension provides essential protection, covering medical expenses, equipment losses, and more. We believe in flexibility, allowing you to tailor your policy based on destination and duration, ensuring affordability without compromising on coverage. With benefits like compensation for piste closure, avalanche incidents, and emergency equipment hire, Go Insurance is your partner for a worry-free experience on the slopes. Choose us to customise your Snowsport coverage and embark on your winter journey with peace of mind.

Embark on your Snowsport adventure with confidence, knowing Go Insurance has your safety and enjoyment in mind. Customise your coverage and hit the slopes worry-free!


Click on the link below to review the Product Disclosure Statement for full terms and conditions applicable to our Snow Sports extension.

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