Few countries can rival the United States of America when it comes to iconic landmarks and popular tourist attractions.

The USA has dominated popular Western culture for years on end, and with the dominance of Hollywood bringing the world blockbuster movies and TV shows based all around the States, most of these attractions are places everyone recognises, but not all have experienced in the flesh.

Some of the USA’s most attractive destinations include the most infamous skyline in the world in New York City. Coming over the Brooklynn Bridge and into downtown Manhattan, the possibilities are endless with the Empire State Building, the 9/11 Memorial and Times Square to name a few attractions within “the city that never sleeps”.

If shopping in New York is not your thing why not let the child in you come out when you visit Disneyland and Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Why not really treat yourself and go to the capital Washington DC and catch a viewing outside the White House, Capitol Hill, the Washington Monument and head to any of the numerous museums and galleries filled with American history.

However, the fun is not all on the East Coast as you may decide to take in the marvel of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The world famous cable cars can sweep you through the towering San Francisco streets. While on the West Coast you will be on the doorstep of the world’s film industry in Los Angeles, so why not take a selfie in front of the iconic Hollywood sign, or take a trip to Las Vegas and stroll through the Bellagio casino floors.

Either way, the United States has a larger than life attitude that provides endless memories for you and your loved ones.With all these potential activities and experiences to be had, you need to have full concentration on your travel plans, not worrying about if something goes wrong. That’s why Go Insurance can put your mind at ease because you will know exactly what you are covered for. Our flexible fully comprehensive travel insurance, budget travel insurance and student travel insurance policies allow you to select exactly what is covered in order to give you the cover you want, at an affordable cost.

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