With the potential travel itinerary of three flights and a total travel time in excess of 30 hours, some people feel that visiting the United Kingdom is more of a chore then a holiday.

However, this magnificent part of the world is rich is culture and heritage, with fantastic views and scenery, tradition and royalty with everything in between.

The UK is compiled of four of Europe’s most historic countries with strong national identities, which creates a spectacular cocktail of culture that all Australians should experience at some point in life. Wrap up warm and bring your umbrella because neither England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland sport a tropical climate, but it is because of this fact that The UK has some breathtaking scenery and marvellous greenery throughout her countryside.

Why not make England your first stop and visit the royals for a spot of high tea after you have taken a ride in a traditional old black cab. England hosts thousands of remarkable cities and towns that vary all the way from seaside towns to the deep mid-lands farming countryside, right back to the UK’s most popular tourist destination in London. London in itself has enough for an entire three week holiday with attractions such as Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and Trafalgar Square to name a few.

Cross down south-west of the border to the rugby union loving nation of Wales. This small, 3 million people populated part of the UK offers fantastic parklands and the vibrant metropolis city of Cardiff. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t understand some of the people at times because as well as speaking English, another part of their identity is the national tongue of Welsh that most still speak to this day.

Up north is where you will find the strong, proud highlander heritage of Scotland. Stunning countryside views, old castles, kilts, bagpipes and cosmopolitan cities such as Edinburgh are just some of the exciting prospects Scotland boasts. Edinburgh Castle is one attraction that is a must for all Australians travelling the UK.

The final part of a trip to the UK would not be complete before a quick jump across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland. Known for its storied, troubled past, Northern Ireland has evolved into a fine, modern European country, while still holding on to its history. Visit Belfast’s historic ship yards where the Titanic was constructed, or head to the natural wonder that is the Giants Causeway. Northern Ireland is also now renowned for several world class golf courses.

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