For a long time, Europe was a distant dream for many Australians with massive costs of getting to the other side of the world, coupled with long, arduous travelling.

Although the travelling is still long, the result is more than worth the effort.

With more accommodating flights schedules, more competitive airfares and an increasing number of travel agents and tour companies offering wider multi city destination packages, Europe is now definitely an achievable goal for Australians.

With a major diversity of history, culture, architecture, scenery and climates; if Europe is your dream destination, why not try and pack in as much adventure as possible and see as m any cities as you can in the allocated time.

Europe creates the opportunity to prowl the oldest underground system in the world in London, eat frog’s legs at the bottom of the Eiffel tower in Paris, sail the canals of Venice, chase a leprechaun over the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin or get chased by the bulls in Spain. You also have the prospect of experiencing the giant beer halls in Berlin, the stunning gothic cathedrals of Prague and shop ‘till you drop in Milan. The possibilities are endless.

With all these potential activities and experiences to be had, you need to have full concentration on your travel plans, not worrying about if something goes wrong. That’s why Go Insurance can put your mind at ease because you will know exactly what you are covered for. Our flexible fully comprehensive travel insurance, budget travel insurance and student travel insurance policies allow you to select exactly what is covered in order to give you the cover you want, at an affordable cost.

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