Travel Insurance for Scooter, Moped, and Motorcycle Riding: Explore with Confidence

When embarking on sun-soaked adventures to tropical destinations, many Australian travellers opt to make like a local and explore on two wheels. Mopeds, scooters, and motorbikes become the preferred mode of transport, offering a convenient and authentic way to navigate bustling streets and discover hidden gems, doubling as a taxi service between accommodations and attractions.

Tailored Coverage from Go Insurance: Your Safeguard on Two Wheels

At Go Insurance, we understand the spirit of intrepid Australians, and that’s why we’ve designed a travel insurance product that aligns with your adventurous pursuits. Our coverage includes comprehensive protection for scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles as standard, without any additional fees. Say goodbye to complexity and clauses.

Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

We take pride in offering standard coverage for riding motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters. Whether you’re zipping through vibrant streets or cruising scenic routes. You need to ensure you’re adequately protected with things like a helmet and that you or the driver hold the appropriate licenses. There are some limitations on the power of two wheeled transport you can take, and we encourage you to read the appropriate section within our Policy Wordings. It’s our mission to ensure you’re adequately protected while you savour two-wheeled exploration.

Navigating Unforeseen Circumstances: Injury Abroad

In the unfortunate event of an injury while riding a motorcycle, moped, or motorbike abroad, swift action is crucial. Prioritise seeking immediate medical attention to ensure your well-being and safe journey home. Contact our dedicated emergency assistance team at your earliest convenience. Our team of experts collaborates with local medical professionals, trusted network doctors, and your loved ones back home, ensuring your care is comprehensive and coordinated. Your well-being is our top priority, whether you’re on a scenic moped escapade ride Indonesia’s islands or enjoying a pillion ride to a must-visit restaurant in Bangkok.

Stay Informed: Trustworthy Resources

Curious about the regulations and requirements for riding in your destination? Look no further than Smart Traveller – a reliable source of information to ensure you’re well-prepared for your journey.

Unleash your adventurous spirit, explore freely, and experience the joy of two-wheeled exploration, knowing that Go Insurance has you covered at every turn

Secure Your Adventures with Go Insurance

Embrace the unknown and savour every moment without worries. Go Insurance is your steadfast companion, guarding you against astronomical medical expenses and the uncertainty of being stranded in a foreign land. Ready to tailor a travel insurance policy that aligns perfectly with your itinerary? Go safely, with Go Insurance.