Go Insurance Secures Back-to-Back Canstar Awards: A Triumph in Excellence for Two Consecutive Years

In a remarkable feat, Go Insurance has once again emerged victorious, securing the prestigious Canstar Award for the second consecutive year in the “Outstanding Value Award — Cruise” Travel Insurance … Read More

Earthquake – Morocco

A powerful earthquake in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains has affected many people with tremors from the earthquake felt as far as Portugal and Spain. The rest of the country is … Read More

Wildfires – Canada

A State of Emergency has been imposed in Canada due to the continuing wildfires. Local authorities have recommended tourists consider changing their plans for non-essential travel to the affected areas. … Read More

Travel Insurance for Scooter, Moped, and Motorcycle Riding: Explore with Confidence

When embarking on sun-soaked adventures to tropical destinations, many Australian travellers opt to make like a local and explore on two wheels. Mopeds, scooters, and motorbikes become the preferred mode … Read More

A travel insurance policy that covers COVID-19?

We’ve got good news for you! At Go Insurance, we have updated all of our policies to include some cover for losses arising from Coronavirus COVID-19. These policy updates mean you … Read More

Pre-existing Medical Conditions:  Insider Tips

Pre-existing Medical Conditions are a fact of life but do you know what you need to declare when applying for travel insurance? All travel insurance policies have terms and conditions … Read More

Known Event:  When is it too late to buy travel insurance?

The term known event sounds like insurance jargon but it is an important concept. As the term suggests, known event means something (ie the event) has happened and you know … Read More

Annual Multi Trip Policy or Single Trip Policy? 

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a Single Trip policy and an Annual Multi Trip policy? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about taking a couple of trips and thought … Read More

Airport Security Tips and Tricks

Navigating airport security has to be one of the most tedious parts of air travel. Unfortunately, airport security is a must for everyone who wants to board a plane but … Read More

Prudent Uninsured: What does it mean?

Prudent Uninsured is a legal concept. Do you know that as a policyholder, you have an obligation to act as a Prudent Uninsured? So what does “Prudent Uninsured” mean? The … Read More

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