Salvage: What is it & how does it affect a claim?

Salvage is a basic principle of insurance. Salvage simply means that once a claim for a damaged item has been paid, the insurer takes ownership of the item.  The insurer … Read More

Denied Entry: Your rights & responsibilities

For many people, being denied entry at the Immigration counter is one of their worst travel nightmares. Have you ever thought about what happens if you are denied entry into a … Read More

Contagious Diseases Series: Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever is a viral illness which is common in tropical areas. Symptoms of Dengue Fever can range in severity with a mild case feeling like a dose of the … Read More

Overseas Hospital Tips

Ending up is hospital isn’t ideal when holidaying overseas. But it can happen and a little advance preparation can help – just in case your trip does involve an impromptu … Read More

Pregnancy: Is it covered by travel insurance?

Pregnancy is an exciting time in a couple’s life and it heralds massive lifestyle changes ahead. For some couples, pregnancy leads to thoughts of a babymoon – a sneaky trip … Read More

Solo Travel: Staying Safe on Your Own

Solo travel – the very idea strikes fear in some and exhilaration in others. There is no doubt that solo travel is an increasing trend – some people just prefer … Read More

Contribution: is having two policies a problem?

Have you heard the term “Contribution”?  If not, you’re not alone. Sometimes, there are two policies in force which cover the same trip. This could be because you purchased your … Read More

Drink Spiking: Protect Yourself while Travelling

Going on holiday usually involves relaxation and letting our hair down.  For some of us, this includes hitting the nightspots or jumping on the party circuit. Having a few drinks … Read More

Travel Insurance Fraud – is it really a crime?

Do you know someone who has done it?  Maybe you’ve been tempted yourself. Is it really fraud if you’re only inflating the value of a lost item by a few … Read More

Hotel, Hostel or B&B? What sort of traveller are you?

The type of accommodation you choose really depends on the style of holiday you are looking to take. If you are a very laid back, book-as-you-go kind of person, a … Read More

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