Travelling with Medication and Medical Devices – what you need to know

Do you take prescription medication, supplements or vitamins?  Do you need to use medical devices such as needles, syringes or health monitoring machines? If you are planning to travel overseas, … Read More

Hostel Theft Risk: Keeping your belongings safe

For some, staying in a hostel is the only way to go.  For others, it is a necessity particularly when it comes to stretching the travel budget. Whatever your reason … Read More

What happens if you die overseas?

We all hope it never happens but the sad truth is that sometimes, a holiday ends in tragedy. According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, approximately 1,300 Australians … Read More

Religious Beliefs & Customs: What you need to know before you go

We all know there are certain destinations where religion is strictly followed but do you know how to be respectful when visiting these countries? Simple gestures and phrases can imply … Read More

Travelling with Food Intolerance

Like most things in life, a bit of preparation when travelling with food intolerance is key. Minimise your stress and enjoy your trip as much as possible by planning a … Read More

Mental Health: Let’s Talk About It

In the past, there has been stigma surrounding mental health, but this is changing with more and more focus being placed on it in recent years. With events such as … Read More

Rabies – Should you pat that monkey?

Most people wouldn’t approach a wild animal in their local park but it’s often another story when overseas. Whether it’s cocktail courage or those relaxing holiday vibes, people love petting wild animals … Read More

Travel Insurance Cover for Terrorism

Heading overseas or planning a trip? Be a savvy traveller and get the low down on travel insurance cover for terrorism. It’s a sad truth that the modern traveller is … Read More

Travel Insurance Claims – Tips and Tricks

Travel insurance claims can be painful … but they don’t need to be. Knowing a few insurance principles can make the process of travel insurance claims a little easier. The Go … Read More

How to Combat Jet Lag

Jet lag.  Nearly every traveller dreads it and very few escape it. We’ve all heard various tips on how to combat jet lag but which ones actually work and which … Read More

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