Internation Women's Day

International Women’s Day: Empowering Trailblazers – Women Shaping the Future of Travel Insurance in 2024

As we celebrate International Women’s Day 2024, we’ve looked inwards to our business and the incredible strides women are making in the travel insurance industry. Kim Murchie, Director at Go Insurance, shares some of her thoughts and wisdom with this year’s theme #InspiringInclusion on aspiring female leaders and the magic of inspiring inclusion.

Internation Women's Day

If you’re on a professional journey, dreaming of that leadership role on International Women’s Day?

Build a strong and trusted network, tackle challenges head-on, take smart risks, and don’t shy away from advocating for yourself. But here’s the kicker – stay true to you. Kim says it’s crucial to “sprinkle in some kindness, fairness, and compassion along the way.”

Diversity and Inclusivity – this years International Women’s Day theme #InspireInclusivity

They’re not just a buzzwords; it’s a game-changer for businesses, especially in travel insurance. These are real, tangible elements of our business. Diverse teams bring fresh perspectives, leading to genius solutions for tricky challenges. Think of innovative insurance options for all kinds of travel scenarios and tackling specific concerns.

And guess what? Embracing gender diversity isn’t just good for warm fuzzies; it’s a jackpot for employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment. Happy employees make for a harmonious team and a workplace that people are excited to come to, our employee happiness scores are a testament to this.

Even with all the progress and steps were taking, there’s still room for more amazing women in leadership. Kim says it’s time for companies to step up their game. Equal opportunities, fair pay, kicking unconscious bias to the curb – it’s all on the checklist. Kim’s message to other leaders? Say yes to more flexible work arrangements, they’re a lifesaver for balancing work and life.

When it comes to women in leadership roles, Kim believes tailored training and development programs to accelerate women into these roles get a huge tick of approval. And let’s keep decision-making transparent and inclusive, ensuring women have a say in where the company ship is sailing. It’s all about walking the walk when it comes to inclusivity.

International Women’s Day is so much more than a theme and cupcakes (although we do love a cupcake); it’s a commitment to making sure everyone gets a shot at success. The journey toward equality and inclusivity is a wild ride.

Whilst we celebrate these forward motions in our business and across many workplaces, we also want to acknowledge there is work that still needs to be done. Our thoughts today are with the 15 women in Australia who have lost their lives at the hands of violence in 2024, the women living in countries marred by war and atrocities and marginalised groups who are significantly more likely to experience violence, homelessness and poverty.

The only way forward is equality and inclusivity for all. Women deserve better.